Holy Trinity, Errislannan was due to be demolished. In 1961 "The Friends of St Flannan's" was founded by Maurice O'Connell, Donal Brooks and Rex Allen to repair and maintain the church for future generations




Roof problems

Back in 2002 we started to notice movement in the roof. It didn’t worry the uninitiated but on close inspection it was found that the steel pins that located the roof trusses in their supports had rusted through and the weight of the roof was causing it to spread. The engineers’ solution was to wedge and prop to prevent any worsening being fearful of bringing the whole lot down. The builder’s solution, John Flarty, from the low road, was to take the bull by the horns and strap and pull the roof back into shape before anchoring it. A brilliant job but one I was gad not to see being done.


Truss seating

End truss

one terrified dude

Roof fixing 12

Roof fixing2

Patch job Patch job2


Patch job3